Bethesda Launches "The Good Within" Charity Event To Support The American Red Cross

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(Photo: Bethesda)

With the coming release of Bethesda's The Evil Within 2, the team behind the highly anticipated horror title wants to do a little good in the world with "The Good Within" charity event.

The upcoming campaign aims to support the American Red Cross through CrowdRise throughout the month of October - fitting, with the terrifying elements in the game that this charity event ties into. Bethesda will also be teaming up with a plethora of streamers and other content creators in an effort to spread the word and do a little good out in the world. Or, a little "Good Within" (see what we did there?)

"To celebrate the launch of The Evil Within 2, Bethesda is launching a fundraising campaign – The Good Within – to support the American Red Cross.

Tap into The Good Within and help us raise $15,000 for Red Cross disaster relief efforts and humanitarian needs around the world. Throughout the month of October, Bethesda wants to help maximize the impact of your contributions by matching the total fundraiser donation amount goal."

The campaign's goal is to raise a total amount of $15,00, and Bethesda vows to match the highest donation as well. There are other charities that tie into this, so those that choose to donate are not tied into an "all or nothing" contribution. Hurricane relief and other disaster relief events are also ongoing and donations can very easily be split between multiple avenues.

To make your own contribution, and learn more about the charity event, check out their CrowdRise website here to see how you can help.

The Evil Within 2 releases on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on October 13th.