Final Fantasy 14 Is Having A Major Real Estate Crisis Apparently

Apparently real estate problems don't just happen in the real world, the citizens of Eorzea apparently are facing the same issue. According to new reports, the demands for homes in the fictional world of Final Fantasy 14 is far higher than the available places to live - causing a crisis of sorts for players and their toons. Many thought that after the most recent update that the issue would be resolved, but - nope ... still homeless.

The Final Fantasy servers, unlike usual MMOs, only has a limited amount of space for players to claim land on. Because of this, and the ability for guilds to take up multiple residences, many are finding it difficult to snag their own place. Some are demanding that the developers put a limit on places claimed to balance out the server space.

The most recent update only added an additional 720 homes with 4.1. That's not nearly enough to keep up with the active player base, and because of that - the FF14 forums got heated. According to those that were waiting for the update to go live, as soon as the servers were back up - the queues became a solid wall and property was once again gone like no update even happened.

Some players have proposed that the developers implement private servers so that the allocation of property could be more spread out to specific locations. One player by the name of Banyaanyaa had this to say:

"On congested servers it's extremely difficult to acquire a house. I, myself was lucky enough to get a small plot in Shirogane on Tonberry server, despite wanting a medium.

I have come up with a solution, which I believe shouldn't be too hard to implement (I have programming and networking knowledge). SE could create private islands (instanced versions of 3 types of housing plots (S, M, L)) that would be accessible via the ferry skippers. It would work in much the same way as apartments, but obviously more expensive, more spacious and with a garden.

Sure you wouldn't have neighbours, random scenery near you or have access to a market board (adding that in might be a bit difficult), but who can say no to a private island XD"

Not a bad idea - and the constructive criticism is far more productive than the angry players venting out their frustrations, though that is understandable as well.

Final Fantasy 14 is out now for PC.