Portlandia’s Fred Armisen Tries His Hand At Voicing A Shadow Of War Orc

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War already has a number of great talents involved with the project, including Kumail Nanjiani, who actually stopped by Clueless Gamer recently to discuss his role in the game and help host Conan O’Brien hack away at a few Orcs. But what would happen if Fred Armisen got involved?

That’s exactly the question Late Night With Seth Meyers asked this week, and, as part of a promotional skit that tied in with the sponsorship of Shadow of War for the show, Meyers took Armisen into a studio in an attempt to record some voiceovers for one of the Orc characters in the game.

You can see the video above, but here’s a breakdown of what goes down.

First up, Armisen is asked to give some convincing grunts to his character, such as lifting up heavily objects, getting injured (“Ow!”) and talking to other Orcs with secondary lines.

From there, Armisen suggests coming up with his own Orc character, in which he brings up the idea of an Orc baker. He discusses slicing open someone with a threat, only to realize that it’s not actually someone – it’s a loaf of bread.

Meyers suggest that a baker may not be the ideal character for the world of Shadow of War, which then makes Armisen question what the game designers have in mind.

And then the session comes to a close with Armisen saying a few random lines, leaving us wondering…do Orcs carry wallets? Can they get easy flight upgrades? We’d think they would be able to negotiate a first-class seat pretty easily, since they’re Orcs and all.

Then the whole thing concludes with Armisen asking for 300 copies of the game. When Meyers asks why, he explains, “Christmas presents.” But then the suggestion of watermarking the game comes up, and Armisen backs down his order to ten instead. (Still might want to watermark them, though, Seth. Just to be on the safe side. Even with Christmas coming up.)

Check out the full skit above, and prepare for Shadow of War, which is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.