Atlus Is Opening Its Own Store Online This Week As Well


Following the news that Sega would be opening up its own online shop this week, it appears that Atlus is following suit, providing a place for fans to pick up goods based on its many franchises, including the likes of Persona 5 and more.

The company has announced that its online store will open tomorrow, October 16th, at 8:00 AM PDT, offering up a number of goods that it previously offered at expo shows.

That said, however, Atlus is approaching the retail front with caution. It’s made note that it will approach as a “pre-order only” sort of system, to have the supply meet with the demand. Furthermore, shipments won't go out right away, but will instead ship in late November/early December. At least you’ll be able to get stuff by Christmas!

Atlus licensing team member Mike Quijano noted the process, explaining, “We’re still manufacturing everything for our first run, but we’re doing everything we can to get stuff out by the holiday season; that way, Jack Frost can fulfill all of your holiday wishes. If you ever see something marked as ‘Sold Out’ or ‘No longer available,’ please note, it WILL be back. We want to make sure everyone can buy the items they want. That is our goal to our fans and a guiding principle for this store. Finally, I want everyone to know that we’re learning while we go. This website is as much a new experience for us as it is our fans. As we learn what our fans want and need, we will grow the website in that direction. It is a work in progress, with more features and many more products coming soon, so keep checking back.”

So there you go. While it won’t be operating like a normal store, it will have something to offer everyone, and it sounds like you’ll be able to get goods rather easily, despite needing to wait a little bit.

Want to visit the store when it opens tomorrow? You can do so here. Chances are we’ll be hitting it up to see what Persona goods they have. We have someone in the office who loves that stuff.