More Details Emerge For Dragon Ball FighterZ’s Android 21


Game Informer has been getting some great exclusive information on Bandai Namco’s Dragon Ball FighterZ this month, considering that the brawler is appearing on the publication’s main cover for November. But now we’ve seen even more information regarding one of the more mysterious characters in FighterZ – the elusive Android 21.

What’s she like, anyway? Well, thanks to this new feature from Game Informer, we’ve got the skinny on what she’s all about, from her research skills to connections with other characters. Here’s the breakdown:

First off, she’s very heavy into research. With this trailer, we learn that she’s ready to help Android 18 with their injury, and calls herself a researcher. However, Fighter producer Tomoko Hiroki added, “And because she herself is a scientist of the Red Ribbon Army, you can guess that she also has a connection with the Androids.”

And it looks like she also has some affiliation with the Red Ribbon Harmy. There’s a familiar logo that appears on her lab coat, as well as the device that she’s using in sane trailer, and she even hints her employment with the group. (Fans may recall how Goku went up against them in the original Dragon Ball film, and also served as the company behind the Androids and Cell.)

Obviously, we know that she was worked on by series artist Akira Toriyama, so we know pretty well where she fits into the lexicon. But it was noted that “original character supervised by Arika Toriyama,” indicating that he didn’t do the work himself. Regardless, his influence is definitely there with her design.

We also learned about who will be voicing Android 21 in the game – Jeannine Tirado, who has also worked on a number of anime credits, including Dragon Ball Z Kai and Attack On Titan. Fans may recognize her the most from One Piece Film: Gold.

Finally, for further connections with the Androids, she appears to have some sort of ties with Android 16. Every bit of her included in the trailer ties in with Android 16, since he’s pretty close by. Are they siblings, perhaps? They don’t look the same, so there could be another explanation.

Game Informer wasn’t able to tackle all the secrets, so we’ll see where Android 21 takes us when Dragon Ball FighterZ releases in February 2018 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.