Man Busted For Selling Call Of Duty: WWII Copies Stolen From A Sony Factory


Man, it bugs us when someone tries to get away with selling stolen game goods. But this story kinda pushes us to borderline rage, mainly because a dude managed to steal games directly from Sony.

According to Kotaku, a man who resides in Terre Haute, Indiana has been charged with theft and “offense against intellectual property” for selling PlayStation 4 copies of popular games – including Call of Duty: WWII.

Apparently the man stole the games from a nearby Sony DEDC factory in Terre Haute, though, oddly enough, he didn’t work there. It’s there that Sony produces a number of CD, DVD and Blu-Ray discs, though there are other plants where they do so.

A report from WTHITV notes that the man was busted during a routine traffic stop, where police found a number of copies of both Call of Duty and Madden NFL 18 in his car.

So, it turns out that he’s been taking these games and selling them for $45 apiece on eBay since earlier in the month. But here’s the thing – he doesn’t work at the factory, so police aren’t certain where he was able to get them. They’re currently checking into the matter, alongside Sony.

Call of Duty: WWII releases on November 3rd for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.