Star Wars Co-Writer From Visceral Games Teases What Could Have Been

starwars cancelled

When the news hit that Visceral Games was being forced to close their doors for good, many fans of both the Dead Space series and hopefuls for the story-driven Star Wars title were crushed. The mysterious would-be titled is technically still underway, though EA has taken over with a completely "new" vision for how the game will go - most notably; significantly broader and away from a linear focus.

The studio was shocked to find their work over, as seen in a Twitter thread seen earlier today. In the wake of the news, more and more team members from Visceral are coming out to share their thoughts on the title they've been working so hard on. Todd Stashwick is the latest to share his two cents. The co-writer took to his personal Twitter account to give a little insight into what could have been ... and we're a lot sadder now because it sounds like it would have been amazing:

Visceral is no stranger to creating a gritty storyline - that much is evident within their Dead Space series, so it would have been a treat to see how they combined their usual style with that of a more humorous edge to the Star Wars franchise. It makes sense, after all - Star Wars has always been about duality: the hilarity mixed with the loss, the comedic relief mixed with a tumultuous adventure.

The closing of Visceral Games and the complete restructuring of the new Star Wars game does bring up another hot topic: with the growing focus on multiplayer, where does the more linear, story-driven titles fit in? The God of War director spoke earlier about his defensive stance in favor of narrative-focused games, and many, many gamers and professionals have since lent their voices to that statement.

The revamped Star Wars game is now currently in development to be led by EA Vancouver.