Steam Fall and Winter Sales Leaked

steam sales

There's nothing quite like a Steam sale to clear out your wallet. The seasonal Steam sales are always huge events, and today the start and end dates of the next two Steam Sale events have been leaked via Kotaku UK's Laura Kate Dale.

As you can see, the next big sale event we have to look forward to is about a month away. The Steam Autumn sale is set to begin on November 22, and will run until November 28. Since this is still a few weeks away, keep in mind that these dates are subject to change. We're assuming that these will be pretty reliable as ballpark guesses.

The Steam Winter Sale, which us typically just as competitively priced as the summer sale, will kick off on December 21, and run until January 4. Though the Winter Sale doesn't get quite the same marketing or promotional push as its summer cousin, it's worth pointing out that this holiday season we're likely to see several of the year's biggest hits hit all-time lows. Nier: Automata, Observer, ECHO, PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, and many more are likely to see dramatic drops.

You guys know what to do by now, right? When these Steam sales hit, the servers get slammed and it's nearly impossible to log on to Steam via its website or its app to browse the games on sale. If you want to skip all of that madness, start filling out your wishlist now. When the various games on your wishlist start hitting salee discounts, you'll get notified directly and won't have to go searching for the stuff you want!

Mark you calendars, and be prepared!