The Most Expensive Version of Dragon Ball FighterZ Doesn't Include the Season Pass

Dragon Ball FighterZ has several different versions with collectible items and in-game incentives available depending on how much you want to spend, but it appears that the most expensive edition so far doesn’t even include the season pass.

The Collector’s Edition of Dragon Ball FighterZ is the most expensive version in question that carries the hefty price tag of $140. This edition of the game will come with the game itself, a Goku statue, a steelbook, art boards, and a collectible box, but the cost won’t guarantee you access to several DLC characters that will come later on.

Bandai Namco confirmed the exclusion of the FighterZ Pass in a tweet that we understandably met with quite a bit of opposition from those who weren’t crazy about the pass being left out, let alone the thought of DLC being discussed before the game’s even out.

The tweet was met with replies that called out Bandai Namco for revealing that eight DLC fighters would be released sometime after the game is launched instead of simply adding them into the base game or including them for free. You can buy the FighterZ Pass separately from the base game, but it’s not exactly cheap at $35 for eight additional fighters that haven’t even had their identities revealed yet.

What’s even stranger is that the there’s a cheaper version of the game that does include the FighterZ Pass. The Ultimate Edition might not come with all the perks that the Collector’s Edition does, but it still comes with the pass, an anime music pack, and a commentator voice pack, all of this for $110.

Of course, if you don’t want any of this extra stuff, you could always just buy the base game and the FighterZ Pass separately for a total that’ll end up being the cheapest way to get the game and the DLC. But paying for DLC without knowing what it’s going to be might be a move that won’t sit well with some players, a sentiment that some have already expressed.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is scheduled to release on Jan. 26 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.