League of Legends Might Change Keystone Runes to Help Nunu and Other Champions

League of Legends Nunu
(Photo: Riot Games)

Some League of Legends champions might have a harder time than others when it comes to picking a suitable Keystone Rune, but Riot Games is planning on keeping a close eye on them to make sure they find something that works.

Looking at all of the new Keystone Runes, Nunu is one champion in particular that doesn’t seem to have a good fit. He doesn’t output enough damage to make use of the bursty runes and moving faster in fights won’t help as much if he has no damage when he gets to his destination, so it looks like Nunu might be doubling down on the support options with the new runes. But even then, Riot Meddler says those options still aren’t obvious picks for Nunu.

“While we're confident there are multiple keystones that are useful on every champ that doesn't necessarily mean there'll be keystones that are good fits for them in the tree they want to go for a particular position.

“A good example of that is Nunu, who if wanting to jungle while going resolve primary may or may not have good choices. Aftershock's not available to him at all (nothing on his kit triggers it). Grasp of the Undying is available, but looking at how the mastery version of it has gone hasn't been that appealing on him historically at least. He could take Guardian, especially given BloodBoil will trigger it, though it's not yet clear if that'll be worth considering on him.”

Should it turn out that some champions just don’t have enough worthwhile Keystone options, there are several routes Riot says they might take to resolve the issue. Buffing a champion to the point that a somewhat lackluster Keystone Rune feels better on them is one option, but changing the way that current Keystone Runes trigger their effects is also an option that’s being considered. If nothing else, they’re open to simply adding more Keystone Runes to fill existing gaps.

If you’ve got a main champion that you’re concerned won’t have a viable Keystone Rune when Runes Reforged goes live, it might be a good idea to scope out your options ahead of time so that you’ll be ready for all the changes.