You Can Get Call Of Duty: WWII For $40 Right Now


Call of Duty: WWII arrived just before the start of the weekend, and it brings with it a nice return to form for the series, going back to not-so-simple World War II times. But for those of you who were waiting to pick it up during a sale, we’ve got some good news – it’s already on sale. At least, through one retailer.

Our Twitter friend Wario 64 recently posted a tweet explaining that the retailer BrandsMart has already marked down Call of Duty: WWII for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 down to $39.88. It looks like that sale price is only going on for a limited time, but it’s being offered for $20 less – and in its opening weekend, no less. You can see the tweet below.

As you can see, the promotion is only being offered in-store, so you won’t be able to order it online. However, according to Wario’s tweet, there’s a very good chance that some retailers could do a price match, like Best Buy. We haven’t tried that just yet, but there are a few that have said they’ve managed to get it to work, once they show off the ad that’s included in the tweet. It really depends by store.

It’s a bit strange to see Call of Duty: WWII be offered on sale so quickly following its release, but BrandsMart could be holding this promotion to bump up purchases of the title. There’s always the possibility that a few retailers could be offering it for $39.99 when Black Friday rolls around later this month, but we haven’t seen any ads that have it at that price. At least, not yet. Big retailers like Toys ‘R Us, GameStop and Best Buy haven’t posted their ads, so we’ll see what we’ll see closer to the shopping date.

For now, if you’re near a BrandsMart location, definitely stop by and snag your copy of Call of Duty: WWII while it lasts. The game is available now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, as well as PC.