League of Legends' One for All and Hexakill Not Expected to Return Until Next Year

League of Legends One for All

One for All is one of the rotating game modes in League of Legends that quickly became a favorite among players, but getting it working with the new client is one obstacle that has to be overcome before the five-man Ziggs squads can return.

The game mode offers some of the most creative and laughable combinations of champions and abilities, so it’s no wonder that people want it to return. Do you pick a squishy ranged champ and hope to keep your distance, or do you take one champ and place them along nontraditional roles for the character like jungle and ADC? Whatever your plan is, you can probably make it work in One for All depending on who you’re up against.

Those who have played One for All will remember the voting feature where you select your team’s champion through either a majority vote or the client picking among your divided options. The mechanic ensures that everyone gets a fair say in creating a full team of one champion, but that’s the part of One for All that’s holding up the process, according to Riot Games’ L4t3ncy.

“We want One for All to come back. We like One for All,” said L4t3ncy, lead designer for the rotating game modes. “Unfortunately, the custom voting mechanism in champ select that lets you vote on the champs—and effectively facilitates the whole mode—needs to be re-built by hand to work in the new client. We haven’t been able to get to this yet, due to the other things we’ve been working on (Star Guardian Invasion, yay!).”

As far as the other game modes are concerned, L4t3ncy explained that Hexakill, another popular option, is also being held back by similar restrictions. Adding in a sixth player for the UIs to make the six-man game mode function takes a bit of work as well, so it’s unlikely that we’ll see either of them until sometime next year.

“We want both of these modes back, but don’t have a satisfying answer for when they’ll be back yet,” L4t3ncy said in closing. “I’m pretty confident they won’t appear by the end of 2017, so I’m hoping we can get to them next year!”