Reroll Your League of Legends Shards Now Before the Preseason Starts

League of Legends IP Blue Essence
(Photo: Riot Games)

Now’s the time to reroll all of your unwanted League of Legends shards so that you can get as much out of your shards as possible before the preseason period begins.

If you don’t want to take our word for it, go ahead and log into the League of Legends client and Riot Games will have a message telling you the exact same thing. Up in the corner where the notifications on issues and other announcements are found, it warns you to reroll or disenchant all of the shards that you aren’t planning on upgrading.

But what’ll happen if you don’t take care of your shard business before the preseason begins next week? Simply put, your shards won’t be worth as much as they are now. You’ll be losing out on part of their worth if you leave them untouched since their values are being reduced thanks to the new leveling system and other changes.

“Since you'll be getting more shards thanks to the new leveling system (and with other recent changes to honor and events), we'll tune down the relative value of the essence you get from disenchanting shards of all types—champ shards, skin shards, and ward skin shards,” an update on the Riot Games Support site reads.

“In the current system, for example, disenchanting a champ shard will get you about a third of the BE you need to buy a champ at that shard's tier. In the new system it'll get you 20% of the way there. Also, with so many more champ shards in the system, we need to remove the ability to reroll them into permanent champs—but we’ll occasionally sell mystery champions for blue essence.”

To cap off that update, Riot Games wrote in bold with littler room for interpretation that it’s best to reroll or disenchant any unwanted shards right now while you still can.

Also, if you’re looking to make off with some extra Blue Essence once the changes are all said and done, you can use this tactic involving Mystery Champion Shards to try and squeeze in some more currency before the Blue Essence Store opens soon.