Overwatch's Cancelled Jetpack Cat Could've Been the Best Hero Ever

Blizzard ran through tons of hero ideas to whittle down to the roster that we have now, but one of the most creative ideas that they had, Jetpack Cat, never came to be.

Overwatch’s game director Jeff Kaplan spoke earlier in the year in a GameSpot interview about Jetpack Cat, a hero that looks exactly like the name would suggest. When Jetpack Cat first hovered into conversations with the interview, it was described as a very early concept that just never truly took form. The idea just seemed a bit too strange for Overwatch, and looking at the diverse cast of heroes that we have now, it looks like that assumption might’ve been accurate.

Jetpack Cat

At BlizzCon, Kaplan returned to show off some of the early concepts that helped form Overwatch, and Jetpack Cat was there among the canceled and not-quite-good-enough creations. The would-be flying feline actually had more than one iteration being looked into before the project was scrapped entirely. One of the Jetpack Cat versions featured an energetic cat strapped into an aircraft-shaped jetpack, and the second was a much fatter, lazier version that sat in a hovering chair. The images above show what could’ve been had Jetpack Cat actually been introduced into Overwatch.

Overwatch New Hero Ideas

However, Jetpack Cat wasn’t the only airborne hero that was thought up towards the beginning. Adjust that jetpack a bit and replace the cat with a monkey or two and you’ve got a good idea of what some of Blizzard’s other ideas looked like. These are just some of the ideas that were examined on the way to creating the core members of Overwatch, but there are likely plenty more that just never came to fruition. Some of them might be introduced in one way or another later on, perhaps as a rough idea for another hero or having their abilities tacked on to another new hero.

But even though we’re not getting Jetpack Cat, Overwatch players can still look forward to the new hero, Moira, a character that’s shaping up to be a prime option for support mains who are looking to try something new.

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