Not Every Chroma Is Available in League of Legends' Blue Essence Store


League of Legends players are free to blow through their newly-acquired Blue Essence now that the Essence Emporium is open, but not every chroma that you’re looking for will be included in the shop.

The IP chroma sales only come around ever so often, so the idea of being able to spend in-game currency on some skin variations is one that’s quite the appealing incentive to save up your IP. With IP gone now, replaced by Blue Essence, players took to the store to pick up their chromas for skins like Headmistress Fiora and other rare options, but they quickly found that not every chroma was available.

When players took to the League boards to see what the deal was and whether or not their preferred chromas would be introduced into the store while it’s open, it was confirmed by Riot W4terboy that not every chroma would be buyable in the Blue Essence Emporium.

“The Essence Emporium has all chromas that are 6 months old or more available (similar to how we did past IP Chroma sales),” Riot W4terboy said. “Legacy chromas like Headmistress Fiora Chromas are also not included.”

After a link to an article within the Riot Games Support site was also referenced by Riot W4terboy when commenters mentioned that it contained some confusing wording by saying that “all chromas that have been available for at least six months” would be on sale.

“The text in the featured tab does look confusing tho. The featured tab is meant to say that those chromas ‘purchasable with blue essence’ can be found in the skin > Chromas tab. We were looking to help explain where to look for the Chromas, but we unfortunately confused some of ya. We're working on updating it to be more clear.”

Even without certain chromas available in the store that you were probably hoping to buy with your newly-acquired Blue Essence, you’ll still have plenty of options when it comes to planning out your purchases. From skin wards to Summoner Icons to the most expensive option of all, URFWick, you’ll definitely be able to find something within the Blue Essence Emporium that interests you.