These League of Legends Infographics Are Essential for Understanding the New Runes

League of Legends Rune Paths
(Photo: Riot Games)

The new runes coming to League of Legends are set to go live for players worldwide quite soon, and for those of you that need help understanding the immense changes to the runes, Riot Games has put together several infographics that should help clear things up.

Aptly titled “Runes Reforged Day 1 Tips,” the series of infographics that were posted to the League of Legends boards by Riot Sparkle will get you prepped for organizing your new runes and rune pages so that you don’t rush into battle unprepared. But in addition to helping you before the games, they’ll help you better understand what’s going on during your matches either.

One of the infographics can be seen below, a quick-and-dirty look at the new rune paths that can be picked, pages that act like a combination of rune pages and mastery trees. This is your best place to get started if you haven’t yet messed with the rune page-building aspect of the new runes, but you still have time to craft your own mock rune pages ahead of time. To do so, you can visit the rune page builder that was created that allows you to construct rune pages, see what looks the best, and even share your rune page ideas with others to create the best champion loadouts.

League of Legends Rune Infographic

Beyond this first infographic there were several more that were included in the post within the League boards, all of which can be seen here. The graphics include some helpful tips for making the most of your runes in the game, and not just by dropping magical comets on enemies or conjuring up some mana potions in your inventory. While in your games, you can check your runes that you’ve brought just like you would look at your champion’s stats so that you can keep up with all the important information that the new runes are introducing, and you can also ping your runes to let teammates know what you’re working with.

Moving forward into the preseason, make sure you keep up with all the new runes updates and perhaps even bookmark important pages such as the boards post so that you’ll have guides to keep referring back to as things change in big ways.