This Xbox Deal Puts the Black Friday Ads to Shame

xbox one ow

It's not Black Friday yet, but if you're looking to score an Xbox One and some games at a great price, e new ebay listing has an unbeatable offer for you. When we say unbeatable, we mean it. This is actually better than any Black Friday listing we've seen from any outlet so far, and the best part is you can grab it right now! Find the listing here.

In the listing you'll see that the price won't be revealed until you add the product to your card. Spoiler: the price is $229.99. For your $230 you're going to get a brand new Xbox One S (500GB), an extra Xbox One controller, a download voucher for Battlefield 1, and Overwatch: Game of the Year Edition. That's a lot of gaming goodness for a low price!

If you'd like to compare that to the Best Buy Black Friday ad we posted this morning, that deal is offering an Xbox One S with the same amount of storage, and the extra controller, but it only comes with one game: Madden 18. Don't get us wrong, we love ourselves some Madden 18, but we think you're going to get a lot more mileage out of Overwatch, especially if you've never played the game before.

Overwatch has a fantastic honeymoon period that, for a huge portion of the player-base, has still not ended. Once it sinks its hooks into you, you're never going to scratch that itch in a way that fully satiates the desire to play another match. There's a reason your friends never shut up about Overwatch, and it's time for you to find out for yourself.

Stay tuned, because we're watching out for all of the best deals from now until the conclusion of the holiday season!