This Player-made League of Legends Tool Is Perfect for Creating New Rune Pages


A new fan-made tool called Rune Forge has been created to assist League of Legends players with building the best rune pages for their main champions.

Rune Forge is not to be confused with Runes Reforged, the updated rune system that Riot Games just deployed in Patch 7.22, but from the name and the way that the site looks, it’s easy to believe that it could be an official League site. It’s clean and easy to use, and if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with the new runes, it’s an excellent place to start crafting your new rune-centered playstyles.

Similarly to how other sites have created champion-specific guides and sample builds for items, mastery pages, and rune pages, Rune Forge takes the new runes and formats them into optimal rune pages for each champion. Created by John Riordan, a web developer who’s worked on League content such as LoLClass, Rune Forge features a display reminiscent of the champion select screen that’ll feel familiar and easy to navigate when looking for your favorite champion. After selecting your champion, you’ll see viable rune pages that’ll give you an idea of what works best on your mains.

While Rune Forge has covered many of the champions already, not all of them have multiple rune pages with some of them not having any yet. But the runes are still extremely new, and Riordan explained in a Reddit post that this is to be an ongoing project that’ll be updated to cater to different playstyles as well as shifts in the meta.

“My goal when I set out to make this site (about a month and half ago) was to provide a different and hopefully more useful experience than what you've come to expect on most build/guide sites for League,” Riordan explained. “Most sites will simply suggest to you the highest win-rate setup and leave it at that. While that is a good starting point, I think it's important to understand that the new system allows for a lot more catering to your particular playstyle and adaptation to the game/draft.”

When asked about his goals for Rune Forge, Riordan told us that hopes to “inspire a bit of creativity and thinking outside the box” in addition to showing the most optimal rune builds.

If you don’t see a rune page for your favorite champion just yet on Rune Forge, be sure to bookmark the page and check back for updates while reaching out to Riordan on Twitter with any feedback that you may have.