League of Legends' Biggest Merch Event of the Year Is Happening Soon

League of Legends Meowkai
(Photo: Riot Games)

League of Legends players who are avid buyers of the game’s collectibles won’t want to miss the largest merch event of the year that’s happening next week.

The Riot Games Merch Facebook page posted a teaser for the upcoming merch event that showed off a colorful, playful image to preview the event. A date for Nov. 20 was also displayed along with the text that confirmed the merch event would kick off on that date at 11 a.m. PT. The “Limited Edition” at the bottom combined with the image appears to be connected to the special Meowkai figure that was recently revealed in the Chinese League store, but when commenters tried spoiling the surprises by naming off all of the items that they thought would be included in the event, the Riot Games Merch page quickly corrected them.

“Some of this is right and some is for later and you are also missing a lot lol,” a reply from Riot Games Merch said in response to a comment that listed the new Meowkai, Taric, Ziggs, and Unlocked Zed collectibles along with the Kindred, Rengar, and Gnar plush figures.

The comment was repeated in other replies from Riot Games Merch, so while it seems that players are getting close to nailing down what’s going to be included in the event, not all of it has been guessed yet. It’s likely that some of the items we’ve seen haven’t even been previewed yet, or perhaps older items that have been previously unavailable in the store will return as well.

But from the image and follow-up comments from Riot Games Merch, it looks like you can at least expect to see the Limited Edition Meowkai figure become available during the merch event. With the item already available in China and the text of the post mentioning that the final limited edition item of the year would be released on Nov. 20, it can only be Meowkai.

The Riot Games Merch page will likely provide more details closer to the event, so check back here and on their page to learn more about the event before it begins.