Watch How Riot Games Records League of Legends' Sound Effects

Riot Games has uploaded a new video that shows off some pretty interesting ways that the sound effects are recorded in League of Legends.

The video is titled “Riot Audio: Recording Shenanigans,” and from the way that it plays out, “Shenanigans” is the perfect way to describe it. From whips to explosions to tiny Poros scuttling across the ground, the video shows a behind-the-scenes look at how vegetables and other items are used to make the sound effects.

From watching the video and hearing all the sound effects, you’ll likely recognize some of them pretty quickly even without the label for each of them that shows which action they’re attached to. The fireball sound effect is recorded exactly as you might’ve anticipated, but the authenticity of actually recording their own fire effects certainly adds to the quality of the game itself and the special animations that are made alongside it.

You can see an example of one of those animations through “A Twist of Fate,” one of the League cinematics that was released back in 2013. The part where Annie unloads Tibbers on Tryndamere is an intense moment full of fire and sound effects, some of which were made by waving actual fire around in a studio.

Other sounds are just as impressive, like the one that was recorded for Nautilus that has an echoing, underwater sound to it to reflect the theme of the sunken titan. But some of the best sound effects revealed by the video by far is the way that they recreated the sounds of a Poro moving about and the rock sound effect for Taliyah. The gentle shuffling of whatever this Rioter is moving around with the brushes fits the Poro identity perfectly, and the way that tiles are used to create sound effects for Taliyah is a creative solution as well.

Unfortunately, we don’t get to see any Rioters ringing away at any cowbells in the video. Moocow Alistar’s cowbell effect has become one of the most recognizable and frustrating sounds to have to hear when you’re playing, but it’s one sound that probably doesn’t take too much imagination.