Xbox Owners Can Now Gift and Receive Games, Here's How

Xbox Game Gifting

The game-gifting feature that’s been previewed for the Xbox One is now live just in time for the holidays, and sending games to your friends couldn’t be easier.

Microsoft isn’t the first company by any means to implement the gifting system to their consoles, but now’s as good a time as any with games getting ready to fly off the digital shelves come Black Friday and Christmas. The feature has been slowly rolling out to different Xbox users in the past with Xbox Insiders having access to the function for a while, but everyone can now enjoy the spirit of gifting games to those in their friends list.

Xbox’s Mike Ybarra recently reminded followers on Twitter that the feature is now live, and with the easy steps that it takes to gift games, you’ll be sending presents in no time.

To start gifting games on the Xbox One, you’ll first figure out which game you’d like to send whether that’s a game that someone actually wants or one that you’ve been pushing friends to get so they’ll play with you. After that, simply navigate to the game’s page on the Microsoft Store that’s built into the Xbox. Where you could normally see details about the game and download it for yourself, you’ll now see an option allowing you to buy it as a gift.

After selecting that button, you’ll be able to either select someone from your friends list or enter an email address to send it straight there. After selecting the proper recipient, you’ll be able to attach a small personalized message. From there, you’ll simply take care of the payment information like you normally would, and after that, your gift is on its way.

What’s even better than just being able to gift full games is the option that’s available to gift DLC as well. Some restrictions do exist though such as gifting preordered titles and the number of discounted games that you can send. But even with these minor restrictions, the new feature will make for an easy game-swapping experience for the holidays.