Justice League Gear for Injustice 2 Revealed in New Trailer

NetherRealm is throwing down for the launch of Justice League, which hits theaters this Friday, November 17. DC Comics fans will finally be taking a break from playing Injustice 2 to go see the film, but the action doesn't have to stop when the credits roll! NetherRealm has revealed an entire set of Justice League gear for multiple characters. The team put together an incredible new trailer to celebrate the event, which you can watch above!

Note that the Justice League gear will be attainable only for those who complete the various multiverse challenges that have gone live through the multiverse portal. The first event, which is live right now, is for The Flash, and players will have to complete five different events in order to unlock his specially-themed gear. The following pieces of gear can be unlocked by completing the following challenges:

  • Test gone wrong: Epic Resilient Frictionless Sprinting Boots
  • Accidents Happen: Epic Justice League Gauntlets

  • Get Out: Epic Experimental Armor of Boundless Speed

  • Closing Time: Epic Barry’s Ultimate Speed Force Mask

As with most multiverse events that focus on specific characters, you'll want to make sure that your Flash is nice and trained up, because you're going to have to go up against some very powerful enemies. In the "Goodbye Fate" event, you'll be going up against a level 20 opponent, so if you've never used The Flash before, you're going to have a rough go of things.

Take heart, though! The Flash won't be the only character getting new gear. Batman, Aquaman, Cyborg, and Wonder Woman are also getting some epic new gear, and these will be live in the console version and mobile version of Injustice 2. This is a limited-time event, so get to it!