Last Chance Save 20% on 'Skyrim' for the Nintendo Switch

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim arrives on the Nintendo Switch tomorrow, November 17th. That means Amazon Prime members have until the end of the day today to save 20-percent on the game during the pre-order period. Jumping on this would be a good idea for three reasons.

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First off, we’re unlikely to see a better discount on Skyrim for the Switch between now and the holidays. Second - this game is huge. If you’re not willing to give up all of that space or upgrade your memory card, a physical copy is the way to go. Plus you can sell the game down the line if you choose. You can grab Skyrim here for $47.99 until the end of the day today, November 16th.

Finally, Skyrim is awesome on the Switch.

If you haven’t already nabbed a Switch, Amazon currently has the gray Joy-Con version in stock and the neon blue and red version is available to order with new stock likely arriving soon.