343 Industries Hires Halo Wars 2 Veteran As New Art Director

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(Photo: Jeremy Cook)

It looks like Halo Wars 2 veteran Jeremy Cook has been added to the 343 Industries team as their newest art director. There hasn't been a formal announcement from 343 as of yet, but Cook's social media pages gave away the good news before the good news could be announced.

Cook has an impressive resume with Halo Wars 2 arguably being one of the most impressive, though his work at id Software is nothing to scoff at either. His art style is stunning and he very clearly has a firm grasp on what the Halo franchise is in terms of both gameplay itself, and the image it projects. It will be interesting to see exactly what art he will be directing, could we be seeing a Halo 6 on the horizon soon?

Though 343 Industries hasn't debuted the news, fans of Cook's art style can see on both his ArtStation portfolio and his Twitter that he has updated his current employment statues. It will be interesting to see what he has in store for fans, especially given his work on Halo Wars 2, the popular RTS game from the epic franchise.

Many fans have felt that in recent years, Halo has lost its way a little bit both with its narrative and even its art direction. Perhaps bringing in someone like Cook will help bring an authentic feel back to the beloved Xbox franchise and be a breath of fresh air for long-time fans. So far there haven't been any huge announcements regarding the future of the franchise as of late, only time will tell what the future holds. Growing the team though is a fantastic time and we can't help but to be a little excited about what could potentially be on the horizon.