ARMS Brings In A Mysterious New Fighter And More In Latest Update

arms character artwork

The Nintendo Switch exclusive ARMS just added to its fighter roster with the latest update. In addition to the newest character, the patch also brought with it a few other changes to the game's mechanics as well, including equipable arms for Misanga, the previously released character.

Below are the official patch notes, courtesy of Nintendo, including Fighters/Arm adjustments:

Version 4.1

  • The mysterious new fighter "Springtron" can now be selected.
    • His initial ARMS are the same as Spring Man.
    • When Spring Man unlocks new ARMS Springtron will also have access to them.
  • New badges added.
    • Added badges that are unlocked via specific fighter/ARM combinations.
    • Added badges that are unlocked by fulfilling certain conditions on stages with environmental gimmicks.
    • And more!
  • Added support for traditional and simplified Chinese. You can switch your language in system settings.
  • Fixed issue in online play where immediately after time runs out guarding would be cancelled not allowing players to defend post-time attacks.
  • Fixed issue in Ranked Match where certain fighters' voices could be heard prior to the start of the match.
  • Adjusted abilities of some fighters and ARMS as below.
Fighters / Arms Adjustments
Misango Duration of immobility when masking up reduced (The Misanga is pleased).
Scorpio Increased curving
Increased expansion rate of charge attacks.
Shortened wait time prior to scorpion jumping.
Decreased extension speed.
Decreased flotation during jump attacks.
Decreased speed of charge attacks.
Decreased homing during jumping attacks.
Skully Increased curving.
Increased homing.
Decreased flotation during jump attacks.
Glusher Increased retraction speed.
Fixed issue where retraction speed would be greatly slowed at times.
Homie Increased rush damage.
Megaton Increased retraction speed.
Whammer Increased retraction speed.
Increased homing.
Hydra Decreased retraction speed. Speed of charge attacks is unaffected.
Clapback Decreased speed of direction changes during rush attacks.
Fixed issue where under certain conditions projectiles would freeze in mid-air.