Nintendo Releases New Super Mario Odyssey Trailer for the Holidays


An all-new Super Mario Odyssey trailer has been released by Nintendo UK, just in time for the holidays. Holiday sales continue for the title, which was recently recognized as the fastest-selling Super Mario title in U.S. History with over millions of copies sold already, setting records within the first few days of its October release. The new trailer, which runs for about half a minute, doesn’t show off anything that players haven’t already seen, but it does show potential new players the capabilities of Cappy and how the gameplay works, encouraging fans to “capture” their imagination with perfectly punny copy.

Super Mario Odyssey became yet another smash-hit for the Nintendo Switch this year, fueling the console’s successful sales further. Currently, Super Mario Odyssey is dominating best seller charts, receiving rave reviews, and is nominated for several awards at The Game Awards this week, including Game of the Year and Best Music. Fan enthusiasm for the game hasn't died down much since its release, either -- players are still invested in creating cool fan art and exploiting glitches long after Super Mario Odyssey's debut. Super Mario and his friends have been entertaining audiences since before Mario even had his own franchise, so the hype for the game is likely to stay strong until players start openly wondering when the next Super Mario game will release.

Nintendo is likely anticipating continued high sales throughout the holiday season, so fans can expect more ads and additional content around marketing (like the limited edition Super Mario Odyssey cereal) for top selling franchises like Odyssey, Breath of the Wild, and more. Additionally, Nintendo has been offering the game for discounted prices since the beginning of the holiday shopping season, so it's likely that upcoming flash sales closer to December 25th will pop up.

Super Mario Odyssey is available now, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.