Become Mario’s Ultimate Nightmare with These ‘Super Mario’ Hand Puppets


We discovered that the Super Mario Bowser plush hand puppet was on sale today, and that gave us an idea. Picture this scene Christmas morning:

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A lucky member of your family has received the Nintendo Switch with Super Mario Odyssey as a gift, and they’ve been engrossed in the game for hours. That’s when you whip out the plush hand puppets you nabbed for less than $20 a pop and terrorize the unsuspecting gamer as Mario’s ultimate enemy. A final, FINAL boss that has Bowser and a Piranha plant for hands. If you can find a Goomba mask somewhere that would be ideal.

The Super Mario Bowser puppet is available here for $16.99, which is 32% off the list price. That deal is good for today only, December 4th. You can add the Piranha Plant puppet right here for $19.99.

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