NieR: Automata Director Has Nothing But Praise For Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp


NieR: Automata director Yoko Tara has a distinctive and eclectic outlook on life and his philosophy regarding video game creation. Because of this, we can't help but to become enthralled every time he says ... well, anything really. We're huge Taro fans and we also all happen to be stupidly addicted to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, the recently released mobile game from the franchise, so when the two met in one interview - it was too good not to share.

When Taro was asked what game of 2017 impressed him the most, his answer seemingly came out of left field:

Of the games released in 2017, which title were you most impressed (or shocked) by?

Title: Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Yoko Taro: I’ve been telling everyone, but Animal Crossing’s latest title on smartphone is amazing. It is missing various functions from the 3DS version, but to make up for it, the framework is made for a social game and I can’t get enough of the gentle characters. As I level higher, the number of offerings the animals demand casually keeps increasing, so I think the sense of fear that comes from wondering “If these animals’ requests become extreme then what will they demand from me!?” is part of its good spice. I’m already trembling while waiting for the moment I lose myself and become impoverished in the social game world that never ends.

To be fair, the game is wildly appealing. When news first broke of a mobile counterpart, many fans were skeptical to see it as a genuine Animal Crossing experience. Those concerns quickly melted away once launched, and now many of us are clamoring around doing digital menial labor to make people love us as we try to earn cute new clothes for our miniaturized toons. It's a hard cross to bear.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is now available for iOS and Android devices.