Brawlout Attracts Over 50K Players on Switch in Two Weeks

Nintendo Switch owners are hungry for some Super Smash Bros. action, and they quickly took to Brawlout, which offers players a fantastic platform-fighter at a fantastic price. According to the game's official Twitter page, over 50-thousand players have picked up Brawlout since its December 19 launch.

It's a significant milestone for any indie, and once again Nintendo has proven that the Switch is a great place for indie developers to spread their wings and win a new audience. Brawlout came at an especially advantageous time as the Switch exploded into the holiday season with no proper Super Smash Bros. title.

These results have to be super encouraging to Angry Mob Games, especially in light of its Steam performance. SteamSpy reports that in the past two weeks, Brawlout has seen roughly 3,500 players on Steam, compared to the 50,000 we're celebrating on Switch. There can be little doubt which version of the game Angry Mob Games will consider the primary version going forward.

You can find our Brawlout review right here. It's a perfectly serviceable platform brawler that deserves more than the "Smash clone" label typically slapped onto it. This game plays differently from Smash, and features an entirely unique roster of characters. It does have a few minor issues that will be patched soon, but in my opinion, the price tag makes it a must-own on Switch.