Dragon Ball FighterZ Game Session Brings Out The Competitive Side Of The Green Bay Packers

Dragon Ball FighterZ is almost here, and we're not the only ones stoked about it. Or the only ones that get crazy competitive. Apparently Mike Daniels, Green Bay Packers Defensive End, doesn't like to lose at video games as much as in football.

Bandai Namco has just dropped a new gameplay teaser featuring Green Bay Packers' Mike Daniels and Chris Odom as they take to their favourite characters and battle it out in-game. It's a good chance for Green Bay fans to see some of their favourite players, while also getting a more in-depth look at actual real-time gameplay.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is shaping up quite nicely as it nears its January 26th release date for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. To learn more about our thoughts regarding the upcoming fighter, here's a blurb from earlier hands-on coverage:

"The stages and the music used couples together to create the perfect platform for nostalgic play. Not only that, but Bandai wanted to take the experience even further by pairing up with ARC System Works with their unique subgenre of fighters to create a memorable experience with their growing roster.

The animation style was referred to repeatedly as “extreme animations” that blurred the lines between TV show and game play. The dubbed 2.5D animation style provides the traditional 2D format while using a dynamic environment to emulate a 3D experience. The latest fighter is also confirmed to run at 1080p for smoother immersion.

While playing through the core game, the traditional colours for the UI were incredibly familiar to fans of the Dragon Ball scheme, whether it be the show or in other games past. The progression through stages felt incredible for me as the player with my love of the series. The dialogue, special attacks, alt forms, and more made my inner DB lover squeal.

An interesting dynamic to the overall gameplay that was enjoyable was the introduction of the 3 v 3 mode. The player can choose three Dragon Ball characters that they’d like to pair up for the ultimate versus experience. With three playable personas, it could have easily become chaotic but the interchangeability of the playable characters was incredibly fluid, creating a seamless transition that did not come off chunky or invasive. This made it easier to create the perfect team to play up each character’s strengths while targeting the enemy’s weaknesses."