League of Legends Champion and Skin Sale Jan. 2 – 5

League of Legends Pentakill
(Photo: Riot Games)

A new League of Legends champion and skin sale is now live with Pentakill and Elderwood skins as well as several champions receiving price cuts.

The first sale that’ll fully take place within the new year, these champions and skins that are being discounted will be available for a reduced price from Jan. 2 until Jan. 5. Featuring a diverse group of laners and junglers, these skins and champions are the perfect way to burn through some of that RP you’ve accumulated through the holidays while still having some funds left over after the sale ends.

Starting with the skins that are on sale and moving onto the champions that follow, below are all of the discounted options along with their new prices that are on sale now and will be for the next few days:


  • Pharaoh Nasus for 260 RP
  • Pentakill Sona for 487 RP
  • Sir Kled for 487 RP
  • Elderwood LeBlanc for 675 RP


  • Anivia for 395 RP
  • Kha’Zix for 440 RP
  • Orianna for 440 RP
  • Kindred for 487 RP

If you consider yourself a Kled main, there’s no better time than now to get yourself a new skin for the lizard-riding top laner. Kled’s only got one skin to his and Skaarl’s name, so unless you’re just holding out for a new skin to be released sometime very soon, you’ll want to grab his Sir Kled skin while it’s on sale.

But outside of the lone Kled skin, there are still several other attractive cosmetics to pick up from this sale. LeBlanc’s Elderwood skin is one of many that she has and typically runs for 1350 RP, and it’s hard to turn down a discounted Pentakill skin if you’re a Sona player. The champions that are on sale focus solely on the middle lane and the jungle this time, a perfect fit for those that find themselves in those roles often and need to add to their champion pool.

These skins and champions will be on sale from now until Jan. 5, so grab them while you can before they’re replaced by new discounted skins and champions.