League of Legends to Offer Discounted Server Transfers After Downtime

League of Legends Jinx Vi
(Photo: Riot Games)

The option to transfer to a different League of Legends server has been down for a while now, but once the feature returns, players will be able to move to another region for a discounted price.

Whether your motivation to move servers is to play with region-locked friends or for other reasons, League players haven’t been able to do so for several months now. It was announced back in October that the service would be turned off for a while as the preseason began and rewards were distributed alongside other changes, but despite a projected return date for the feature being Nov. 20 of 2017, turning the feature back on was postponed due to technical difficulties.

“Due to technical issues, we're unable to turn server transfers back on at this time,” read an update posted on Nov. 21, 2017. “We're currently assessing the problem.”

Another update that was posted on the League of Legends boards last month again apologized for the delay and estimated that it’d take “at least 5 to 6 weeks to be fixed.”

With the transfer feature down, some players have missed out on using their main account. One such user created a post on Reddit while looking for some type of explanation from Riot Games as to the delay of the feature, a post that received a response from a Riot representative who spoke of discounted transfers.

“We're on track on fixing the issue, and we're expecting transfers to be back up in January or early February and will be offering discounted transfers to make up for the extended downtime,” the Rioter said after referencing the update on the boards. “So watch out for those! Hope that helps.”

While a firm release date wasn’t provided, the updated timeframe does give players a better idea of when they’ll be able to transfer to different servers as well as a discount to look forward to when the feature returns.