League of Legends Video Reviews 2017's Biggest Moments

A new video from Riot Games takes a look back at some of 2017’s biggest League of Legends moments that range from new champions to some of the game's biggest changes to date.

From new champions to unforgettable esports moments and the Runes Reforged overhaul, 2017 brought change after change to League. Opening with a look at several champions’ cinematics that include Ashe, Darius, Jhin, and the whole Pentakill team, some of the scenes and the video already seem like they happened so long ago that you’ll have a hard time believing so much occurred in 2017.

Champions that were reworked in 2017 include Warwick, Galio, Evelynn, and the long-awaited update for Urgot, something that the “meme-slaying” part of the video’s description no doubt referred to. New champions like Kayn, Zoe, Xayah, Rakan, and others also made their way onto the Rift, several of which have remained a competitive force following the release of the new runes.

Reworks and new releases aside, 2017 also boasted tons of skins that became must-buys for those who main that champions that received the skins. Fizz, Veigar, Tristana, and Twitch joined the Omega Squad lineup with new skins, Ezreal gained a Pulsefire adversary with Pulsefire Caitlyn and even had his own skin updated, God Fist Lee Sin was released, and Riven and Yasuo both received their own clashing skins with a special event. New game modes were also added to the rotation that included Dark Star: Singularity, the Star Guardian-themed Invasion PvE game mode, and the most recent Snow Battle ARURF that arrived just in time for the holidays.

Skins, champions, and game modes aside, the video also covers the many client and gameplay changes of 2017 that include the new runes, the practice tool, and the uncapped leveling system that players have been progressing through. Climactic esports moments such as the Worlds competition and other events were also recapped with cinematics, champions and massive dragons filling 2017 with memorable moments.

While this video covers League of Legends as a whole, you can still take a look at your individual recap. The year in review shows your best and worst moments though, so get ready to see a lot of deaths and embarrassing stats.