GameStop Makes Fun of Its Own Trade-In Values With Savage Tweet

GameStop Fellow Kids 2

With it being 2018 and all, many companies are trying to get a fresh start with its audience, in the hopes of boosting it. But the latest ploy from gaming retailer GameStop has us wondering if maybe they’re being a little too honest.

The company recently posted a tweet hyping its latest trade-in promotion, in which users can get an additional $50 bonus trade on systems like the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch. However, it’s how it worded this tweet that has us wondering what’s up.

“No, this doesn’t mean you’ll now get $50.01 for your console, you’ll get $53.50…” it noted, along with the link to its GameStop trade-in page.

There have been complaints for the longest time that GameStop’s trade-in prices have been disappointing, at least according to a few former customers. But this tweet suggests that maybe the company is having fun with that idea, although it’s obvious that it’s going to give more than $53.50 for the game hardware that’s being hyped. You can see the tweet in the picture below, in case the company opts to take it down.

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GameStop has been a little different with its social messaging as of late, hyping deals and making side comments with each one. For instance, with a recent deal for Call of Duty: WWII and Destiny 2, it suggested, “Achieve victory by land and by…space,” going for a looser approach instead of the usual “Get these games for $30 each!” post. But that's nowhere near as savage as this message was.

This tweet has a few people wondering if maybe someone hacked the GameStop Twitter account. We’ve seen a few instances of people doing this in the past, like a hacker posting Chipotle’s accounts with Nazi symbols a while back. It’s likely a tweet that actually came from GameStop, as the company hasn’t said anything yet – or mercilessly fired anyone from its PR team.

Whatever the case, the company may be using this tweet as an attempt to "lighten up" a little bit. Are they trying to be one of the cool kids?

Gamestop Fellow Kids