Pokemon Go Had an Overnight Weather Outage

One of Pokemon Go's newest features had an unexpected outage overnight.

Around Midnight ET, Pokemon Go players around the world began reporting that they were no longer receiving the benefits of the game's recently instituted dynamic weather system. The new system was tied to local weather patterns and provided boosted attacks and increased spawns of certain types of Pokemon depending on the type of weather. While the new weather system had its flaws, many players appreciate the extra wrinkle it adds to what can be a repetitive grind in between events.

During the outage, Pokemon Go's dynamic weather system seemingly disappeared, removing all of its benefits from the game. Not only could players no longer see the "weather icon" which displayed what type of weather was occurring in the game, they were also no longer seeing increased spawns or a boosted in attack strength.

Niantic first commented on the issues around 2 AM ET and then sent a followup tweet an hour later announcing that they were attempting to resolve the issue.

By 8 AM ET, Pokemon Go players noticed that the dynamic weather system was back and fully functional.

It's unclear what caused the outage, but it does curiously line up with some changes to the GAME_MASTER file made last night. The GAME_MASTER file provides text and stat data for the Pokemon Go app to use on individual devices. Last night, Pokemon Go fixed incorrect French and Spanish translations of several recently added attacks and weather patterns.