'Magicians' Actor Spotted Playing Pokemon Go on Golden Globes Red Carpet

A television actor was trying to catch something besides an award at this year's Golden Globe ceremony.

Jason Ralph, one of the stars of Syfy's The Magicians, posted a humorous Instagram photo of him playing Pokemon Go on the red carpet at this years Golden Globe awards. The captionless photo shows him trying to catch a Rattata as he walked down the red carpet to attend last weekend's awards.

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Ralph was likely attending the event to support his partner Rachel Brosnahan, who won this year's award for Best Actress of a Television Comedy or Musical. While he was probably there to root for his significant other, it seems clear that the actor wanted to have a bit of extra fun in between all the hobnobbing and schmoozing at the annual event. The venue for the Golden Globes, the Beverly Hilton, also has a PokeStop, so we're hoping that Ralph kept it lured and caught something a little more exciting than a common Rattata.

Ralph appears to be an avid Pokemon Go player, as he also recently posted a photo of a Farfetch'd he caught during last November's Thanksgiving event.

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While Pokemon Go isn't quite the cultural phenomenon it was back in 2016, it's nice to see that there are still some high-profile players enjoying the game. Here's hoping that Ralph got a few great catches over the weekend!