League of Legends Is Testing Some Significant Nunu Buffs

League of Legends Nunu
(Photo: Riot Games)

A couple of Nunu buffs have been added to the League of Legends PBE that could make jungling with Willump much more enjoyable.

Nunu hasn’t been in the best spot since the start of the preseason with the champion finding difficulty when it comes to fully utilizing a Keystone Rune. He can still counterjungle like nobody’s business, but his power against champions has faltered compared to other junglers. With the changes shared by Riot Ricklessabandon that are currently on the PBE though, his threat against other champs as well as his clear time in the jungle will both be improved.

The Rioter also confirmed that the on-hit bonus from Consume is based on each stack, so taking bites out of enough jungle monsters will lead to Nunu players acquiring five times the values that are shown in the potential change shown above. Expanding on the change to Nunu’s Blood Boil, Ricklessabandon also noted that a bug was currently on the PBE and explained how the new version of the ability is supposed to work.

Nunu’s buff to his base attack damage and his Consume ability are nothing to scoff at, but his buff to his “W” is one that’ll make him fit into more team comps easier instead of simply being a support jungler who counterjungles and follows around an ADC. Allowing him to increase his teammates’ AP will make him pose a threat to enemies when he’s working alongside other AP champs like Syndra and others who are already known for bursting abilities, and it might even bring Nunu back to the bot lane for some innovative combinations mixed with the occasional counterjungle.

The changes for Nunu are currently being tested on the PBE and won’t go live until a later patch.