Xbox One Outsold PS4 This Holiday, Nintendo Switch Came Out on Top


Aaron Greenberg, Head of Xbox Games Marketing, couldn't wait to celebrate the good news on his social media accounts about Xbox sales this past holiday season. It's a solid win, especially with PlayStation 4 leading the pack more often than not. But just because it outsold the PS4 in December, it still couldn't dethrone the reign that is the Nintendo Switch.

Greenberg took to his Twitter account to shout the good word from the rooftops, sourcing NPD Group as his intel:

The fan reactions were just as excited, with many sharing their own sweet setups and the official Xbox account responding to a great deal of them celebrating together. It's always an awesome thing to see when the gaming community comes together to celebrate - we're all here to game and enjoy experiences that are out of this world, even for just a few hours at a time. Though there were some misinterpreted his tweet as saying it outsold everything, which Greenberg quickly rectified:

With the Xbox One X having recently just arrived, the impressive feat isn't that surprising. For being the most powerful console on the market at this time, it's not hard to understand why this platform was high on that holiday list.

The NPD Group has yet to dole out their official report, but it should be coming soon and we will update accordingly! For now, a job well done Xbox, Nintendo, and PlayStation on a fantastic 2017, and here's to an even better 2018!