British Toy Company Claims a New Sonic Racing Game Is Coming This Year

sonic kart
(Photo: SEGA)

This morning we're seeing reports that, according to British toy company Zappies, another Sonic racing game is slated to launch some time this year. Zappies, who we understand produced a number of Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed toys, is in attendance at this year's "Spielwarenmesse" toy fair in Nuremberg. There the company allegedly claimed that a new Sonic racing game would be coming this year. This would be something more easily written off if we hadn't just heard rumors of a new Sonic racing game days ago.

About a week ago we reported that, according to some reportedly-leaked, internal business slides, a new Sonic racing game was said to be in development over at Sumo Digital. This, of course, led us to believe that a new Sonic All-Stars Racing was coming. Sonic PR guru Aaron Webber rained on everyone's parade when he sent out a tweet saying, "Hi guys - saw rumors floating today about another SART game. Just wanted to confirm it's not a thing!"

Well now have some big, messy, conflicting reports. Obviously we take the word of the person actually working with Sega over a random toy-maker, but there's something about his wording that has the Sonic fan-base suspicious.

Webber's wording in that tweet remains pretty ambiguous. Note that he very specifically said that a new Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed is not "a thing." Well, if the next Sonic racing game is called literally anything other than All-Stars Racing or All-Stars Racing Transformed, then technically what he said is true. He did not say, however, that a new Sonic racing game was not in development.

So now we have an ambiguous denial, and two separate sources claiming that we're in for another Sonic racing game this year. It's obviously not enough to merit confirmation by any stretch of the imagination, but we think that it's safe to shovel at least a little bit of coal into the engine of your hype train. Sonic All-Stars Racing did remarkably well, and this would be a safe launch for Sumo and for Sega. We'll keep our ears to the ground and let you guys know if we hear anything else.