Fire Emblem Heroes Adds Roy, Liliana and 2 More Characters for 'Love Abounds' Event

(Photo: Nintendo)

Hallmark holidays may not always ring brightest with everyone, but at the very least,we have video games to comfort us. A new event for Fire Emblem Heroes kicks off today, and with it, four beloved characters are headed to the mobile game to celebrate. The news comes alongside updates for Fire Emblem Warriors on the Switch, where other "throwback" characters from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon are joining the fray on Valentine's Day.

For players looking to fill the time in between, tonight's update and event launch will introduce four characters that Fire Emblem fans should be pretty familiar with already. A new trailer has released ahead of the update, showing off some of the new additions and what players can do when it goes live. Check it out, then get full details below:

The new heroes available for the event include Roy, Liliana, Hector, and Lyn. Veteran voice acting legend Wendee Lee will be bringing Lyn to life, alongside Patrick Seitz, reprising his role as Hector.

The update also cleans up the game's Battle Screen, making it a little easier to work with on mobile. Additionally news weapons and armor have been added for players to discover and earn as they work their way through the event. Each character seems to have a different story objective, but all of them seem to point in the direction of going on quests to find nice things to give their loved ones for the in-game "Day of Devotion" celebration.

Heroes is no stranger to holiday events, but this one does feel a little refreshing since it's a little ore focused with nods to Roy and Liliana's history, along with Hector and Lyn swinging in for some good nostalgia.

The mobile game has been out for about a year now, and has introduced all sorts of variants, along with bonus characters like Corrin who make summoning even more fun. Heroes was one fo the first mobile releases for Nintendo, and has performed steady in the face of the company's other two mobile titles, Super Mario Run and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

Fire Emblem Heroes is out now for iOS and Android.

Source: Gematsu