Destiny 2 Holds 'Largest PC Launch' in Activision History

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Destiny 2 has seen so much coverage since launch, and not always for the most positive of reasons. Despite delivering on their promise of a more immersive story experience, the developers have been in hot water more than once regarding the game's overall approach, and changes made to how the title operates. Still, that doesn't mean the MMO is without its accomplishments.

Destiny 2 marks the first in the franchise to break away from console and become available for PC. Thanks to the recently announced end of 2017 financial results, we now know that the sequel marks a pretty huge milestone for the company - "the largest PC launch in Activision history based on units." Not only the base game itself, but the title's first expansion - Curse of Osiris - also had a much higher sale rate than the first game's DLC.

During the call, Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg spoke a little bit about the online game and its overall reception. Despite seemingly backlash after backlash, the title had "high levels of engagement" upon the first several months after its initial launch.

"That actually allowed our core players to consume the content faster than we anticipated, and that led to an increase in players calling for more challenges and better rewards in the ongoing game," he added. "This is a live game, and responding to player feedback is a part of the process in this game and any live game, and we feel like we have the right plan in place to address the concerns."

As far as that mentioned feedback goes, the team over at Bungie have been making the efforts to show their players that they are listening and taking what's being said to heart. That can be seen in the road map that they revealed recently showing off all of the planned changes from now until May, as well as the pullback from microtransactions with their upcoming Crimson Days event.

These efforts to not make the PC achievement go to waste can even be seen with community manager 'Deej' and his recent remarks on the Destiny 2 blog regarding fan feedback and how it helps:

"We’re not taking any steps to remove negative feedback about Destiny 2. In fact, if you’ve expressed a desire to see something added to the game, it’s very likely that it’s itemized on our Development Roadmap. If it’s not, lend your voice to the #Feedback forum. All we ask is that you meet us halfway as a player," he expressed.

With huge plans on the way, and several more expansions planned, we can only wait to see how MMO will play out. Until then, congratulations to Activision on the impressive milestone and we hope that we haven't seen the end of Destiny yet.