New Gundam Breaker Details Explain Gunbre High, Plus an Alternate Gameplay Trailer

new gundam breaker
(Photo: Bandai Namco)

It seems like there are new details for Bandai Namco's New Gundam Breaker almost every day as we lead up to the game's official release, and today is no different. Alongside a new gameplay trailer, more details have been unveiled regarding the game's primary storyline, and what life at a Gunpla Pro Academy is like. Check out the latest game play trailer below, then read on for details about Gunbre High School and the cast of characters that inhabit it.

In New Gundam Breaker, players will not only get the chance to build and battle their own undam-inspired Gunpla models -- they'll get to "attend" a special school made specifically for training professional Gunpla battlers. Here's more info about the school, per Bandai Namco:

The setting of New Gundam Breaker is an academy involved in the large-scale university town plan aimed at fostering talent specialized in Gunpla production and battle. As the protagonist who transfers to Gunbre High School, you are expected to live a school life to master the art of Gunpla, but gradually get dragged into trouble in a school full of unique students.

Players will find allies and enemies throughout the school, including Yui Mikagura, the protagonist's childhood friend. Some of the latest rivals introduced include the gentle yet irritable Masumi Shiroi, and the sadistic Daisuke Sena.

Along with the story line, players will have plenty to do in the heat of battle, including stealing and equipping pieces from other models right in the middle of the fight. The new parts not only make for interesting custom combos, but also enable EX Skills to boost your model's stats and power. With six major parts to each kit, up to six EX Skills can be used at once. As players level up, hey unlock even more new EX Skills to beef up their Gunpla and take down those previously-mentioned rude rivals. New Gundam Breaker will also feature plenty of familiar models, including new ones from its companion series, Gundam Build Drivers.

New Gundam Breaker is set a worldwide release exclusively on Playstation 4 some time later this year.