Some Fighters Aren’t Being Compensated For Appearing In EA Sports UFC 3

EA Sports UFC 3

EA Sports UFC 3 is a star-studded affair, filled with the best and brightest from the fighting league across a plethora of classes. That said, it doesn’t appear that everyone’s getting paid for appearing in the game.

Sure, Conor McGregor is getting a nice chunk of change, but he’s the cover star. Other fighters that appear, like UFC lightweight Kajan Johnson, aren’t so lucky.

Johnson himself isn’t in the game, but he helped EA with putting it together, mainly with motion capturing other fighters. But he has since made a rather startling discovery – most fighters that appear in the game don’t really get paid by the league, despite their being used.

While speaking with Bloody Elbow, a site that focuses on all things UFC, Johnson explained, “I think it’s disgraceful, actually. I think it’s insane. I don’t understand how we’re supposed to be such a forward-thinking society, how we’re okay with a giant corporation exploiting the people like this. It doesn’t make any sense to me.

Across every single other sport, whether it’s NFL, NBA, MLB, those athletes that are in that game are making money. If they’re using their face and their likeness and their name, they’re gonna be compensated for it. And we’re not – it’s not even on the table for discussion, really.”

The UFC promotion reportedly made th decision about fighters not being paid to appear in the game, and Johnson is hoping to talk to someone about it. “Once again, the UFC has failed to look out for our best interests when negotiating with another company,” he noted. “It’s the UFC’s fault, it’s not EA’s fault. I have no problem with EA, I have no problem with the game. I got a problem with the UFC.”

And Johnson hasn’t been fond of other fighters promoting the game either, especially when they aren’t making money off of it. “Everybody and their fucking dog is posting about this game,” he said. “Are you not even thinking of the fucking money that we all just lost? Are you not even thinking about this massive TV deal that’s coming through, that we’re getting zero points on?

“I’m heavily fucking disappointed. I’m getting more and more disappointed with the rest of the fighters, because nobody is saying anything. Everyone is willing to lay down and beg at the fucking door. We own the fucking house – we are the house, we are the product. Without us, there’s no show.”

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EA Sports UFC 3 is available now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.