Kingdom Hearts III Release Date May Not Be Revealed At E3 After All

Kingdom hearts III

Kingdom Hearts fans went into a frenzy this weekend when a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III was unveiled during Japan’s D23 Expo, featuring the debut of a new Monsters Inc. world, as well as hints that we may be hearing about the official release date in a few months’ time, during the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

But hold up on the excitement, as follow-ups to that report indicate that we may be waiting just a little bit longer.

DualShockers recently ran a story that explained how a single Japanese tweet ended up being mistranslated as an official confirmation by several outlets (including us, sorry). The tweet noted that the user believed that release timing would be revealed shortly after the trailer, assuming that it would come around E3. As a result, several sites and forums began buzzing at the news, thinking that it came directly from Square Enix. Sadly, it didn’t.

The author of the original tweet actually didn’t even attend the event, instead seeing the trailer online, just like most of us did. He simply speculated that the release date would be revealed soon, while Square Enix said no such thing.

DualShockers then went the extra mile and spoke with Square Enix about whether it would be announcing a release date during the event in June. It responded that there was no mention of a release date timing at the show, though, considering that it’s a 2018 release, it’s more than likely to be in attendance.

And that leaves a lot of fans wondering if we’ll see a finalized release date soon enough. Kingdom Hearts III has been oft delayed over the years, with many fans clamoring for it to get a final release. A previous trailer suggested the 2018 release period, although, again, a date wasn’t given. So we’re left playing the waiting game, just like you are.

We apologize for the mis-report in the previous story. Hopefully, Square Enix will have something magnificent planned for Kingdom Hearts fans – something that will be clearly worth the wait.

Kingdom Hearts III will (supposedly) release sometime this year for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.