Kingdom Hearts III's Riku Figure Announced, Two Versions of Sora Also Coming Soon


A lot of us are still reeling from the amazing trailer released last week showing off more confirmed worlds for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III title. It's been 82 years (not really), but it looks like the illusive game might finally be within our grasp and with epic games comes even more epic merch.

Square Enix has just revealed their upcoming figures coming to the BringArts line to celebrate the next step in Kingdom Hearts glory. Check out the Twitter posts below to see the alternative Sora from Kingdom Hearts II and Riku from the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III:

No word yet on a release, or even when they will be available but it does make fans waiting for the next step in the beloved franchise even more excited about what's to come! As for Sora, it's a neat little throwback with his Halloween Town and Christmas Town outfits.

These aren't the first figures to be announced alongside a big reveal. We've previously showcased quite a few Kingdom Hearts collectible items in the past, including the new line announced shortly after the Toy Story reveal.

With the news that the Gummi Ship will be completely customizable, as well as other aspects in the game, we're kind of hoping that will be something featured down the line for collectible considerations.

Tetsuya-san opened up recently about his hesitation surrounding Tangled and the big reveal due to complicated hair physics. They wanted Rapunzel's hair to be how it is in the stories; completely dynamic. Being able to interact with the environment, swing from trees, movement because of the wind - all of these proved to be an interesting challenge when it came to actually getting it right in-game. We have also learned that players will be able to swim within the world of Tangled in Kingdom Hearts 3. With all of that info being dropped, maybe a Tangled line will be announced? We can dream!

Still no word on a release date yet but still gunning for that late 2018 window!