Vainglory's Massive Update Brings New 5v5 Mode, Rewards, and Music from Horizon Zero Dawn Composer

Vainglory is ushering in a transformative 3.0 update today, and with it comes a brand new 5v5 game mode, which will definitely be its competitive centerpiece going forward. As Arena of Valor has added its own wave of synergy to the North American mobile MOBA push, Super Evil would like to remind everyone that we're not dealing with a watered down phone game, here. There are no compromises; Vainglory is an in-depth, strategic, three-lane, 5v5 MOBA with gorgeous visuals.

"GameBench's performance ratings show that Vainglory not only delivers 120FPS gameplay on devices like the Razer Phone, but that it continues to perform at a highly optimised 60FPS across a wide range of iOS and Android devices, even going as far back as the iPhone 5S,” said Sri Iyer, CEO of GameBench in a press release. “This puts Vainglory at an advantage to bring its seamless, lag-free competitive MOBA gameplay to the largest possible audience, unlike other MOBAs that are forced to make compromises on visual fluidity and touch responsiveness, often struggling to run smoothly at 30FPS let alone 60."

With the launch of Vainglory 5v5 also come new sensory pleasures. It was revealed this morning that a new 5v5 score has been recorded from famed video game composer Joris de Man, who just took home the 2017 Game Music Award for Outstanding Artist. You've heard his work in games from the Killzone series, and Horizon Zero Dawn. Now he will be adding life to your competitive ventures in Vainglory.

If you've yet to download and try Vainglory for yourself, now would actually be a great time. The new update will attract plenty of new players, and you can evolve with the meta with no fear of being left behind. Super Evil also announced some exclusive rewards for this launch event you can take advantage of: "To celebrate the launch of 5V5, a special Lunar New Year event will kick off shortly after the update, running from February 15-22. Players have a chance to win in-game skins by playing the 5V5 mode, with extra bonuses for playing with new year-themed skins."

Check it out! We have crashed into what is surely the initial wave of a mobile gaming golden age, and Westerners are woefully behind the rest of the world in our discovery. Your phone is good for so much more than texting, Facebook, and Angry Birds. Give Vainglory a shot and let us know what you think! Here's the app store link, and the Google play link.