Fortnite Update Releases Tomorrow, Seasonal Gold Plans Detailed

Fort 2

The next Fortnite update is now scheduled to be released on Feb. 15 with Valentine’s Day gear and events being added to the game’s Save the World mode.

While Patch 2.5 for the Battle Royale mode was originally scheduled to be released earlier than Feb. 15 – namely because it contained Valentine’s Day events and content that aren't quite as meaningful after the fact – it looks like it won’t make that deadline. Players had begun suspecting as much with the update nowhere to be found today, but no notice had been given by Epic Games to confirm the delay. This was changed just recently with a tweet from the Fortnite Twitter account redirecting players to a post on Reddit that provided a confirmation of the delay.

“Our v.2.5.0 update will release tomorrow, we apologize for the poor communication around this release and the delay of the patch!” an Epic Games representative said. “When we have more info on when the update will land, we’ll drop those details.”

In addition to the release date for the next patch, Epic Games also provided more details on future plans for Seasonal Gold and Firecracker Tickets.

“Our initial plan was to reset Seasonal Gold in v2.5.0 which may have caused you to lose leftover gold. To try and avoid that we adjusted to convert the leftover gold to Firecracker Tickets. Due to the delay in the build, there is nothing in the event store and Storm Llamas have disappeared. We did a poor job communicating this and did not create a good experience for you.”

Moving forward, Epic Games said that future gold resets would be on specific dates following the Spring it on Event that’s coming in patch 3.0 with that info clearly communicated to players. For the time being, Seasonal Gold is being converted into Firecracker Tickets based on the conversion rates found below:

  • Each stack of 1000 Storm Event Tickets has been exchanged for Storm Llamas.
  • Up to 3000 Seasonal Gold will be converted 3 to 1 into Firecracker Tickets, and any additional gold beyond that will be lost.

Fortnite’s 2.5 update for the Save the World mode will release sometime tomorrow.