This Nintendo Switch Face-To-Face Cabinet Will Look Quite Familiar To Hardcore Fans

Nintendo Switch

We’ve seen our fair share of Nintendo Switch accessories come down the line over the past year, including custom charging docks, controllers and so much more. But a company in Japan is taking the cake, producing a dual Switch face-to-face local multiplayer cabinet that’s going to look awfully familiar to old-school Nintendo fans.

First reported by 4Gamer, this two-sided Nintendo Switch case looks to hold two monitors that slide very easily into slotted positions, and then allows you to place two JoyCon controllers on each side in another convenient place.

The unit, which comes out in May, is set to be priced around 8,300 to 8,964 yen, which is somewhere between $55-$60. When you think, “Well, that’s a little hefty for a Nintendo design,” take a close look at the pictures and you’ll see why it may be a crucial item for fans of the company.

Nintendo Switch 2

That’s because the design of the “Face-to-face Type Arcade Stand” (that’s currently its name, but it’s likely to change) is fashioned very similarly to Nintendo’s classic Vs. sit-down arcade cabinet. You might have seen these in like the 80’s or 90’s, a dual cabinet that allows two different games to be running on each side. We’ve included a picture below for reference, and the design is strikingly similar.

Nintendo Switch 3

(Source: Nerdly Pleasures)

Now, this almost seems like the sort of thing Nintendo would cash in on when it comes to nostalgia alone, but the company hasn’t said a word. But it appears to be a very well designed unit, one that has ventilation so the Switch won’t overheat during lengthy gameplay sessions. And, again, the way it’s set up, you can sit face-to-face with people and see their reactions when you conquer first place in games like Rocket League or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. That’s what multiplayer sessions should be all about.

We’ll keep a closer eye on this, as this would be ideal for any game room, especially if you’ve got posters of Mario and stuff from the NES era everywhere. But, yeah, a domestic release would be great – and maybe we could place it on top of a Nintendo Vs. cabinet and create some real déjà vu, eh?