Overwatch League Commissioner Shares Thoughts on the League So Far

Overwatch League OWL

The Overwatch League is still growing with just a couple of weeks experience to the new esports league’s name, but the league’s commissioner Nate Nanzer feels strongly about the beginning.

Just recently, the first state of competitive Overwatch games finished with London Spitfire taking the No. 1 spot. Speaking to GameSpot, Nanzersaid that the league was “off to a good start,” but still has things to work on.

There's tons of things we want to continue to iterate on and improve, but right now we're just really focused on figuring out how to continue to evolve and improve the show throughout the year, and have all of that culminate in the awesome finals event,” Nanzer told GameSpot. “But yeah, that's the focus right now, and it's really awesome that people are happy with it. Nothing is broken, so right now we're just focusing on making it better. Our goal is to just make every stage and every season better than the last.”

As far as how the league plans to implement those improvements, Nanzer added that it’s hard to say what needs to be done right way seeing how the league is so young. The feedback from everyone involved in the league including players, teams as a whole, and the fans has been helpful so far though, according to Nanzer, with some adjustments already being made to the league.

“We've already changed the order of the maps and flow our games, and we've always been iterating things, but at some point when designing a league like this you have to put a flag in the ground and say ‘alright, this is what we're doing’–but I think we're gonna be very quick about something that needs fixing or needs to be addressed in a certain way, then we're not going to be precious about our original decisions,” Nanzer said when asked about the ways that the Overwatch League will improve moving forward. “We're constantly listening to feedback from all of our stakeholders.”

The full interview with Nanzer can be found through GameSpot with more questions and answers regarding diversity, esports, and other topics.