Them’s Fightin’ Herds Is the My Little Pony-Inspired Fighting Game You Didn’t Think You Needed

Fighting games are great and all, but it’s really special when you see one that has an undeniable hook – like Dragon Ball FighterZ and its instant connection to a sprawling anime universe.

But later this month, Humble Bundle will unleash a fighting spectacle for Steam and Humble Store that will introduce a new set of combatants that you’ve never seen before – ponies!

The company has announced that it will be publishing Mane6’s forthcoming Them’s Fightin’ Herds, and it will release on February 22. It features a number of original characters that almost resemble something out of Hasbro’s My Little Pony universe, going at it with a number of fighting tactics.

The game is being produced by acclaimed cartoon maker and developer Lauren Faust (yes, that Lauren Faust), introducing some amazingly cute graphics, along with some deep fighting tactics that would make even the greatest brawling fan proud.

It’s funny that we mention My Little Pony, because when the project was first crowdfunded back in 2015, it was originally done as a MLP fan project with the name Fighting Is Magic. However, as you might guess, Hasbro wasn’t too fond of the idea of a Pony fighting game and served the team with a cease-and-desist.

So it recreated the game from the ground up with completely different character designs, but the same sort of inspired design and animation that Pony fans will easily relate to.

As you can see from the trailer above, the game features ferocious action and all sorts of fighting tropes, including combos, mid-air juggling and special moves to send those steeds flying.

The game is set to launch at $14.99 with a set of six characters, with more being added later on down the road. In addition, there will be downloadable packs that feature unlockable cosmetics, including some based on hit fighting games like Skullgirls, BlazBlue and Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2.

Thems Fighting Herds

This definitely looks like a favorite for both Pony fans and hardcore Bronies alike. (Yes, we know you're out there.) You’ll have a brawler to call your own very soon, and it’ll be hay-mazing. You can pre-order it here on Steam, and here on Humble Store.

Now we just need a console release.